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Why Distinct Home Inspection is Right for You?

Fragment of a nice house.

downloadDISTINCT Home Inspections provides you, the homeowner,
with a detailed and accurate report on the status of the
home so that you can make an informed decision. We are
qualified and educated professionals with one goal – to
educate the homeowner on not only how the home inspects
but how to properly maintain the main systems of the home
from roofs to basements.

A Distinct Home Inspection report starts on the exterior
of the home to the basement and ending with the attic,
ensuring that no corner is left un-inspected. This technique
is essential in ensuring that the utmost detail is provided so
that you, the homeowner, is fully aware of the condition of
the home being inspected and any concerns that may be

Buying a home can be a stressful process. Chances are,
most of your inspection will be related to maintenance
recommendations and minor imperfections. These are
good to know about.
The issues that really matter will fall into four
1. Major defects, such as a structural failure;
2. Conditions that can lead to major defects, such as
a roof leak;
3. Issues that may hinder your ability to finance or insure
the home if not rectified immediately; and
4. Safety hazards, such as an exposed buss bar at the
electrical panel.

Anything in these categories should be addressed as soon
as possible. But it’s important to realize that the seller
is under no obligation to repair everything or anything
mentioned in your inspection report. Keep things in
perspective, no house is perfect.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Your clients rely
on you to guide them through a complicated and sometimes
stressful process. Demonstrate to them that their trust in you
is justified by referring them to Distinct Home Inspections.
My experience as a contractor, training and professionalism
will deliver the information your clients need. Remember
that the best advertising is a happy client

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