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Should I get a Pre-list Home inspection

When thinking of getting a home inspection, we often think that this is something that a buyer is responsible for as a way to protect their investment and know exactly what the condition of the home is before they finalize their buying decision. A home inspection will be able to analyze the property and check on the foundation, the structure, the plumbing and HVAC systems (to name a few) in order to determine the conditions of the home and what will need repair before the purchase of the home. However, when it comes time to selling your home, should you get a pre-inspection before you start having potential buyers through your home?

Whether you are having a home inspection done as a buyer or a seller you will be able to rest assured knowing that over 1,600 things will be check and analyzed in order to truly determine the condition of the home and what will need repairs. One of the most obvious reasons that a buyer will go about getting a home inspection is to be able to utilize the results as a way to negotiate and get the fair value for the property. As a seller, getting a home inspection has the ability to provide you with piece of mind and ensure that when a buyer’s home inspection comes back that you are prepared and know exactly what needs to get done ahead of time.

Getting a pre-inspection allows you, as a seller, to have enough time to complete any necessary repairs and prepare your property for sale before you ever have a buyer view the property. This will allow you to give a great first impression to these potential buyers and know that your property is in the best possible condition.

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